Oak Grove Cemetery in Historic Nacogdoches

Picture of Oak Grove Cemetery in Historic Nacogdoches

Oak Grove Cemetery in Historic Nacogdoches

Oak Grove Cemetery is the burial site of many historical
figures important both to Nacogdoches County and the State of Texas
including four signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence:
Thomas J. Rusk, Charles S. Taylor, John S. Roberts, and William Clark, Jr.

Originally called the "American Cemetery," Oak Grove was located
on an 1826 land grant of Empresario Haden Edwards, the leader of the
Fredonia Rebellion. Many of the graves from the early Spanish Cemetery
of Nacogdoches were relocated to this site when a new county courthouse
was erected on the Spanish cemetery grounds in 1912. The earliest
grave from that burial ground is marked "Father Mendoza," 1718.
Other statesmen and soldiers interred here include Captain Haden Arnold
and Elias E. Hamilton, veterans of the Battle of San Jacinto; Jacob Lewis,
James Harper Starr, General Kelsey H. Douglass, George F. Ingraham,
Nicholas Adolphus Sterne, and Dr. Robert A. Irion, who also
was Sam Houston's personal physician.

Other burials of interest include Diedrich Anton Rulfs, Nacogdoches' master
architect who designed Zion Hill Baptist Church on the north side of the cemetery;
Richard William Haltom who founded and edited Nacogdoches' newspaper
"The Daily Sentinel"; and poet Karle Wilson Baker who was the third person
named a fellow to the Texas Institute of Letters.
(State of Texas Historical Plaque)

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