A shaded walkway on the campus of Stephen F. Austin University in Historic Nacogdoches

Picture of a Shaded Walkway in Historic Nacgodoches, Texas

A Shaded Walkway on the campus of Stephen F. Austin University in Historic Nacogdoches

This shaded walkway, lined with live oaks and azalea gardens between the western and eastern division of
the Stephen F. Austin University campus, was originally a city street that was incorporated into the
natural setting of the campus. Tall pines, indigenous to the area, and various kinds of oaks, elms,
maples, hollies, magnolias and others, in addition to lower level decorative trees such as the
colorful white and pink dogwoods, accented with island gardens around the walkways and
plazas, are seen throughout the university campus where architecture and the green
world express a balanced relationship. The campus is connected on the east to the
2½ mile long Lanana Creek Trail, a walking and biking pathway originating
downtown in El Camino Park at the center of the city's most historic structures,
and continuing northward along the ancient path once followed by the Caddo
Indian tribes. Lanana Creek Trail is connected to 8 adjacent park, historic, and
botanical site points of interest along its northward path. Beginning with Liberty
Hall, a gathering and information area in El Camino Park on Main St., there follows
Father Margil Park and the associated legend of the springs; Oak Grove Cemetery and
the historic Zion Hill Church; the SFA Mast Arboretum displaying more than 20 kinds of theme
gardens; the Ruby Mize Azalea Garden which in size and diversity of plants is one of the largest in the
state; the 23 acre Pecan Acres Park; the Tucker Woods Trail, and ending with Jimmy Hinds Park on Austin Street.

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