The Public Library and Recreation Center in Historic Nacogdoches

Picture of the Public Library and Recreation Center in Historic Nacogdoches

The Public Library and Recreation Center in Historic Nacogdoches

Through the sponsorship of the Friends of the Library Association and the support of the City
of Nacogdoches, the Nacogdoches Public Library opened in 1974 in the Old Federal Building on the
downtown square. The objective was to create a library program that would add to the cultural life
of the community. In 1977 the library moved to its present location at 1112 North Street where it
shares a spacious modern facility with the Nacogdoches Recreational Complex. The library follows
the procedures that maintain accreditation in the Texas State Library Archives Commission, the
American Library Association, the State Library Loan Protocol, and the National and International
Library Lending Agreement Codes.

The library offers a wide variety of materials and services including interlibrary loans through
its affiliations with the Stephen F. Austin State University Libraries, the HALS regional group,
and the TEXSHARE library system. The library's collections include books, large print books,
children's and young adult materials, paperbacks, books on tape, audio cassettes, videos, DVD's,
magazines, newspapers, reference, local authors, and a wide collection of non-fiction. The Library
also provides online computers, electronic catalogs, copy machines, display events, program meeting
rooms, and a large specialized children's and young adults reading section.

Books and materials not available locally may be requested through HALS, the Houston Area Library
System, which includes 65 public libraries in the East Texas region. HALS extends its range of
acquisitions through the OCLC, the "Online Computer Library Center," which contains the holding
of public, academic, and specialized libraries across the nation. By acquiring a TexShare Card locally,
the library patron may also obtain books and materials through the TexShare Consortium of libraries
which currently includes the holdings of 102 public and private universities, 56 community colleges,
4 libraries of clinical medicine, and 535 public libraries across the State of Texas. 14,166 journals and
27,458 e-books are part of the current 47 databases within the TexShare consortium coordinated by the
Texas State Library System.

The Nacogdoches Public Library continues its commitment to enhance the cultural life of the community by
participating in cooperative initiatives with regional and statewide affiliations in an effort to improve library
services to local patrons, promote the efficient sharing of library holdings, and offer a broader range of
materials and services than could be provided by any single library.

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