The Historic Town Center in Sacul, Texas

Picture of The Historic Town Center in Sacul, Texas

The Historic Town Center in Sacul, Texas

The community of Sacul, Texas was founded in 1902 in Northwestern Nacogdoches County on land belonging to the Williams and Lucas Families. It began as a railroad stop between Beaumont and Dallas on the Texas and New Orleans Railroad providing passenger service and freight hauling for the lumber, cotton, poultry, and tomato growing farms in the area. The historic Town Center shown here, also called the "Blue Building" or "Boardwalk" by local residents, was built in 1903 in the frontier style and housed a mercantile store, a bank, and a pharmacy.

The word Sacul originates from the name Lucas spelled backwards and was chosen because another post office point with the Lucas name already existed. Originally, Sacul was part of the Tolivar community with a post office located midway between the present towns of Cushing and Sacul. During this time the post office was located in the home of the postmaster, B. W. Pye.

Sacul prospered in the early 1900's and by 1914 had a population of around 400 with a school, 2 churches, 6 general stores, 3 grocers, 2 cotton gins, a hardware store, bank, sawmill and a blacksmith. In the 1940's Sacul had a peak population of 750, but after the depression of the 1930's, the discontinuance of railroad service through the area, and the effects of World War II, the community entered a period of decline.

In the early 1980's some of the longtime residents decided to revitalize their town. The water well on the town square and the boardwalk in the storefront across the street were "re-discovered" as underbrush, vines, and weeds were cleared away in a spirited community cleanup. A picnic table was set up. A wiener roast was held. A pavilion was built and a community center was established.

Sacul hosted the first of its annual Folk Festivals in June of 1986. Ark Cranford's old pharmacy in the town center was converted into a homespun concert hall with 200 seats. Now, on the 4th Saturday of every month the "Sacul Opry House" opens its doors in a festive get-together where some of the best bluegrass music in the region is played.

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