Panorama of 7th Street at Cushing, Texas in Historic Nacogdoches County

Panorama of 7th Street in Cushing, Texas

Panorama of East Side of 7th Street at Cushing, Texas in Historic Nacogdoches County

This view of 7th Street looks East from Spruce to Walnut St. The first Building far left at the Southeast corner
of 7th and Spruce is Onyx Books. This Building was once the location of the Post Office (1970--2002) and before
this the Tom Tobias Gas Station/Garage in the 1920's. The Quilt Box, the small yellow white Building next to
Onyx Books, was formerly Lookers Beauty Shop (1995--2002) and before this the Cushing Automatic Gas (1950's).
Beckham Hardware and Building Supply was once Ham's Grocery Store in the 1950's. Behind Beckham Hardware is
the Cushing Water Tower which was built in 1939. Beneath the Water Tower is the Lions Club Building not shown here.
Chevrolet and Ford Automobile dealerships were once located in the property that currently includes Cushing City Hall.
In the space Between Beckham Hardware and City Hall there once existed the E. Texas Theater and a City Tailor shop.
The red painted building with the shingle roof at front on the southeast corner of 7th and Maple called the "Store" was
formerly the Post office in the 1950's and before this Holman G. Pearce Feed Store. The yellow-brick building next to the
"Store" was Fenton's Cafe in the 1950's and before this Billingsley's Dental Office. From 1907--1969 Lem Satterwhite's
Barber Shop
occupied the space south of the yellow brick building. In the 2nd open space south of this was Nelson's
Feed Store.
The 7th Steet Restaurant which opened in 2003 was once the location of Parker Bros. Variety Store,
Charlie Beck's Grocery
, and various feed and hardware stores. The gray-white Building with red trim windows south
of the alley-way is the Beck Building (Est. 1930). The front of this building is named as the "Cushing 42 Club" and the
Cushing Masonic Lodge Rec Hall." In 1949 it was the Jack Beck Drug Store and in the 1950's Pirtle's Cafe. In past times
it was a cafe, washateria, domino hall, and a rental location for social events. South of the Beck Building beyond the open
space is the red painted unoccupied double structure that formerly was Beck's Grocery Store, Wallace's Grocery Store,
and a Power Equipment Co. Express Cuts, a hair salon, is the small building south of the open space. In this
location there existed Tidwell's Insurance, a pulpwood office, and a domino shack. South and about one half block east
of Express Cuts was the Wallace Hotel built in the early 1900's. It burned in 1936. Across what is now a open field and
an unused section of Walnut St. were the railroad tracks and the Cushing Rairoad Depot which has been moved about two
blocks west to the northeast corner of 8th and Walnut St. where it is now the Cushing Public Library. The New Post Office
occupies the area where the old Railroad Depot once existed. South of the New Post Office and on the south side of Oak
Street were the wooden buildings of Cushing's early Olde Town, none of which exist today.
(Names and locations of the buildings from Janet Nelson's publication "A Tale of a Railroad Town".)

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