American Plant Food Corporation in Historic Nacogdoches

American Plant Food Corporation

American Plant Food Corporation at 1809 Bennett Clark Road in Historic Nacogdoches

The American Plant Food Corporation, founded in 1964 at Galena Park, Texas, is a manufacturer of Agricultural Chemicals,
micronutrients, plant foods, and crop formulas sold in the United States and internationally to farmers and ranchers through a
network of dealers and retail outlets and a fleet of diesel tractors, barges and vessels. Designer products are offered through its
agronomic services to promote and improve the quality and yield of crops in specific soil conditons. Some of its products are: Sprayable
ammonium sufate; K-8 Lawn for St. Augustine, Bermuda, Blue, Buffalo and other grasses; Garden Basket for vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage,
spinach, tomatoes and Squash; and Multi-Pel formulas for broadcast slinging and drilling.

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