Texas Industries Inc. in Historic Nacogdoches

Texas Industries Inc.

Texas Industries Inc. at 1211 Bennett Clark Road in Historic Nacogdoches

Texas Industries Inc. (TXI), founded 55 years ago and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a leading producer of consumer
construction materials, concrete, cement, and aggregates used in all types of residential, commercial, and public
works projects. Texas Industries is also an innovator in real estate development projects such as the 1954
Brookhollow Planned Business Park concept in Dallas. It is the largest producer of cement
in Texas and a major supplier to California, the two largest markets in the United States
leading the nation in Federal Highway Construction. In Nacogdoches the TXI Plant
is located at 1211 Bennett Clark Road off Southeastern Loop 224.

Some of the categories of concrete that TXI produces are: (1) Architectural Concrete
which contains textures, colors, and patterns; (2) High Performance Concretes with 10,000+
psi strength used in piers, dams, and walls; (3) Specialty Concretes designed for one of a kind
structures without limitations; (4) Mass Ready Mix Concretes designed to any volume or dimension
with means to adjust to heat and thermal stresses; (5) Mass Lightweight Concrete expanded with clay or shale
to reduce dead-load weight, reduce cracking, increase workability, and improve long term strength; (6) Pumpable Lightweight
designed for pumping equipment; (7) Specialty Admixture Concretes with accelerators, plasticizers and enhancers that
reduce cracking with fiber reinforcement that also provides temperature control; and (8) Grouts and Mortars that meet any specification.

The categories of Cement that TXI offers are: (1) Portland Cements types I, II, and III; (2) Masonery Cements types N and S;
(3) Well Cement class H, A and C; and (4) Aggregate Cements coarse and light.

Some of TXI's Brand Names are: Proset for residential application; Cem-Lime for soil stabilization; Durmax which uses
macro or micro fibers to reduce cracks and shrinkage for streets, sidewalks, patios, medians, commercial and industrial floors, elevated decks
and slabs; Envirocon a pervious concrete that eliminates detention ponds, reduces runoff, has high solar reflectivity and minimizes urban heat island effect;
TXI Terra Tone with 38 colors that can be mixed with textures for driveways and patios; and DecoScapes used in landscaping to achieve color, textures, shapes
with gravels, cobbles, boulders and Colorado river rock.

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