Scenes from the Multicultural Festival in Historic Nacogdoches

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The Encounter

1. Scenes from the Multicultural Festival

2. The Parade of Nations

3. Shaking Hands

The Place

4. Nacogdoches City Hall

5. Reading the Plaques

6. Heart of Texas

7. Touring the Downtown Historic District

The People

8. From the Doorway on Pilar Street

9. The Blue and White Balloon

10. Native Costumes

11. India Five

13. Rhythm Rockers

14. Walking the Dog

The Game

15. Counting Beads

16. Arranging the Flowers

17. Chasing Bubbles

18. Dancing

19. Balancing the Oppositions

20. Pointing

The Beauty

21. The Flower Booth

22. Ballerina in Blue

22. Face Painting

23. The Hair Dresser

24. The Right Touch

The Table

25. Filipino's Barrio Fiesta

26. A Little Bite of Poland

27. Taste of India

The Remembrance

28. Serendipitous Pose

29. Old Photo of the Town Square

30. Old Photo of Miss Willie Gramling's Music Class

31. Exhibition in the SFA Art Gallery

32. Twirlers at the Multicultural Festival

33. The Little Rainbow

The Farewell

34. Children's Dances

35. Curbside Instruction

36. The Final Lesson

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